I am frequently asked if I have an original piece of a certain place or view – when I answer sorry no, I then say but I can do a commission for you of that image.

The customer usually has a particular photograph that they wish me to use. If the location is not too far away however, I like to visit the place and take my own photographs, make sketches and get a feel for the place- this is desirable but not absolutely necessary.

Using the camera is frowned on by many but the photograph is used only for reference of light and colour and the final work is never a photographic copy.


The loose nature of the batik technique means that the result is my impression and interpretation of the subject matter. I normally choose the pictures that I wish to paint but I do enjoy the challenge that the choices of other people create.

I am sometimes asked, when a customer doesn’t want a print of a piece I have already sold to produce another original of the same subject. I have done this on quite a few occasions and the customer have been very pleased, however I have to stress that by the nature of the technique, no two batiks are ever exactly the same and I feel that this is a very good thing.

The largest image size that I do, by virtue of my work space, is about 80cm x 50cm, this size costing currently about £500-£600.00, from that really any size can be arranged down to about 15cm square. The size 45cm x 35cm is a popular size and costs about £300.00.

These prices are plus the framing costs – we do all our own framing in the Gallery. I have been told that my commission charges are very reasonable but I like my art to be affordable.

After ascertaining what the customer wants and I let them know the approximate time frame, in general I am asked to execute approximately six or seven commissions per year.

I ask for one third of the cost (excluding the framing) in advance and this is normally non-refundable.

When the work is completed I let the customer view it either in person or by email depending on where they live.

Bill will frame the batik and he has a lengthy experience of framing my work and achieving very good results which are always sympathetic to the subject matter but of course he takes into account the customer’s choice.

Please contact me or come into the Gallery if you are interested in commissioning a piece and we can discuss in full what you require.