Gallery Artists

While not currently available for sale on our website, if you happen to drop into our gallery, we display work from other artists which is for sale.

Here is a selection of some of our featured artists and some examples of their work.

Karen Lainson

All my pieces are worked on individually once the main body has been formed, using torn strips of clay, this allows me to give each animal its own personality.

My horses are started from the middle or belly and are worked on entirely by hand – I never have a preconceived vision of the finished piece – it’s either the first leg or my mood that dictates the final position.

Each sculpture is made from stoneware clay and is washed with metal oxides and stains and then fired to 1230C in an Electric kiln.

Bob Lees left his “proper ” job some 20 years ago and discovered pottery.

Most of his work has been on the wheel and he has specialised in developing a flame-like red glaze effect on his bowls and plates.


Jill Harrison

Jill was born in West Yorkshire and studied Art, Design and Sculpture at Bradford College- she now lives in rural Aberdeenshire on a small croft where she keeps a small flock of Hebridean and Shetland sheep.

She has devised a way of ‘recycling’ the fleeces and turns them into images made entirely from wool. The fleeces from these native Scottish sheep is wonderfully soft and comes in beautiful colours which enables her to produce unique subtle images with very little dye being used.

Julian Smith

Julian attended RGIT in Aberdeen where he took a first class honours and then an MA in Ceramic design at Cardiff University.

He has been working with clay for 30 years. Julian moved to Ireland in 1995 and initially lived in Galway but soon discovered Kinsale and established his studio there in 1996.

Julian has chosen Raku as his ceramic medium. He produces one-off cast and hand built ceramic pieces, small numbers of thrown shapes and body casts with white crackle or copper glazes often incorporating tattoo or lace like designs.

Katie Jackson makes bags and other accessories mainly from beautiful and durable Harris tweed.

She combines different patterns of tweed and aims to produce work with a contemporary feel.

She also enjoys making felted items, particularly silk scarves felted with merino wool.

Margaret MacDonald is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and has been producing original ceramics in porcelain from her studio in Ayrshire for the last twenty years.

A unique range of vibrantly coloured jewellery incorporating glazes or coloured glass fired onto the porcelain shapes. Sometimes with luminous dichroic glass.

Each piece complimented by Sterling silver chains and earings, or chunky black necklets.

Mary King

Born in Sussex, Mary was always interested in the natural world from a very young age.

Moving to Yorkshire as a teenager, she then went on to attain a BA(Hons) at Leeds Polytechnic in Graphic Design.

She later moved to Lochinver where she found great inspiration for her current art forms.

The first time she worked with glass, Natalie was captivated by its chameleon-like ability to transform with the light. This, combined with a lifelong passion for tangible, tactile objects meant she was instantly hooked to the medium of glass.

Having studied graphic design then later multimedia design, her work has always had a creative context but, as the work became increasingly “virtual”, Natalie felt the need to return to a more physical creative process. After taking a selection of short courses in glass-making, she began a journey of discovery with glass in 2008.

The work uses a combination of kiln-forming and cold-working techniques such as fusing, casting, sawing and polishing.


Shrimpboat, four hands, three kilns………Val and Brian Wooley have been potting mostly for fun and a little profit for 23 years ….large range of small to large animals and birds especially hares.

Veronica Ballan has been sculpting her ceramics full time for over 30 years, firstly in her own workshop and gallery near Alnwick and latterly in a workshop at her house.

She trained in Fine Art but gravitated towards ceramics using her skills from life drawing to create figures and now animals- especially highland cows for us.

Each sculpture is created individually and dried over several days, bisque fired, cooled before being hand painted with glazes then a final firing.